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Al-Enjaz Al-Arabiah is fully committed to quality management system in the principle of providing services of consistently High quality in safe manner to the complete satisfaction of its customer.
The operation of the quality system is subject To continues review at the highest management level, to ensure that the established standards are maintained and improved wherever necessary.
AL-Enjaz AL-Arabiah is fully committed to promote good health, wellbeing and occupational safety for its employees including Contractors. Management believes no task is so important & so urgent that it cannot be done safely.
AL-Enjaz Al-Arabiah is committed to install & maintain facilities and equipment in accordance with recognized standards essential to reduce or prevent exposureto hazards by workmen, plant & equipment.
We Al-enjaz Al-Arabiah General trading and contracting company established on 1998 in Kuwait by NaserFahedAldossari.
Our ultimate aim is to provide quality services to client needs, based on their requirements.

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As we are the agent of manifa petroleum services company in kuwait .
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